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Our showrooms are expanding to encompass over 6,000 square feet, and we are honored to become the first and only showroom space in the 5-million square foot complex that caters to buyers seeking cleaner beauty and wellness products, from brands that believe in transparency. With over 200,000 buyers each year, our Dallas campus is home to major retailers, department stores, luxury boutiques, spas, hotels, and other key buyers

The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 has brought ingredient transparency to into sharp focus for consumers. As a result, the wholesale buyers responsible for stocking shelves are actively seeking brand partners to help them meet this demand. We take the time to analyze and understand the specific needs of each our buyers. Next, we use our brand relationships and other tools like The Good Face Project to thoughtfully match buyers to brands within our collective.


Our Transparent Beauty And Wellness Discovery Center is a valuable resource for Spa Buyers and Retailers looking to transition towards cleaner and more transparent products and practices. We offer free consultations, education, and resources to help buyers make informed decisions when choosing products and brand partners.


Our Wholesale Showroom helps buyers easily connect with familiar brands they trust, discover new products, and explore emerging brands within our expanding collective. We eliminate the fear of flooding our buyers with unwanted generic marketing emails or pushy sales tactics, creating a trusted “white glove” buying experience.